Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blast From the Past

A decade ago there were a lot of good books I enjoyed in March.  Here are a few of the highlights:

1.  Center of Winter by Marya Hornbacher- a story of a father's suicide, narrated by his family, the people impacted by his choice to leave them.

2.  The Children's Blizzard by David Laskin - a non-fiction account of the blizzard of 1888, which killed several children and adults who came to the prairie hopeful to start life anew.

3.  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls - Walls' upbringing was extremely unconventional, and she recounts her childhood in this memoir.

4.  Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld- Sittenfeld's novels are some of my favorites. Prep centers around the school drama of a group of girls

5.  The World Still Melting by Robley Wilson - despite some mediocre ratings on Goodreads, this books is one I think about often.  Wilson, a former professor at a nearby university, has set his novel in a nearby town. Despite the change of names, I was fascinated to discover the real locations to which he refers, and loved the plot (developed from an actual crime that occurred).

How about you? What were you reading ten years ago? Five?  Have you enjoyed any of these books?


Kay said...

Some good books there. Ones that I've meant to read. Sigh.

10 years ago, I was on a Tamora Pierce binge. Read the 4 books in her Circle of Magic series and the 4 Alanna books. And that seems to be all. :-)

Kennedy said...

10 years ago I was reading The Devil in the White City. I was on spring break and couldn't put it down to do anything else!