Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Golden State

Natalie Askedahl appears to have a picture-perfect life.  Her childhood was one of affluence, having grown up in one of California's prominent political families.  Now as a married mother of two, she teaches third grade while her husband is an attorney.

Natalie's oldest daughter, Julia, is at a local college the day a terrorist's bomb goes off on campus. Although Julia is unhurt, Natalie begins to look in to the bombings - which have increased in number- and question if the bomber's words sound like something her older brother, Bobby, would write.

Bobby was one of Natalie's role models as a child.  He was always patient with her, and she has continued to look up to him, not fully aware of what caused him to drop out of Princeton and return home. Bobby now lives in a shack, and has lost touch with the family by his own choosing and although mental illness hasn't been openly discussed, is what must be wrong with her brother.

Natalie and her husband decide they will contact the FBI who will then determine how to proceed with the information they give them regarding Bobby. And what they discover is that this one meeting forever changes their lives.  No longer is anything private and Natalie and her husband react in different ways to protect their children.

Meanwhile, Bobby's guilt or innocence is under question as Natalie looks more closely into her childhood and what happened to her brother to cause him to become the man he is now.

Stephanie Kegan's novel was so engrossing, I abandoned everything else I was reading until I had read this entire book.  Definitely worth every moment I spent curled up reading.


Kay said...

Wasn't this one interesting? I read it last year as well. I think you and I are sometimes reading clones. LOL

Lots of thought provoking questions about what you would do and how you would react if it was your family.

Ti said...

This is the second book you've reviewed involving school violence. You're on a role. I am fascinated by this kind of thing but I have to space my reading carefully when reading books on this subject matter.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

yay, glad u enjoyed this one so much. hope to read it soon.