Sunday, January 18, 2015

I am not a huge football fan, but even I got sucked in to the Green Bay/Seattle game, and then watched the second half with my eyes covered as the Packers lead dwindled and the Seahawks won in overtime.  Very disappointing to our Packer obsessed household.

I have the day off of school tomorrow in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  My girls, however, will make up a snow day tomorrow. 

I will more than likely end up working on these:

the Christmas cards I didn't get around to mailing.  Most were in the mail right around the holidays, but there were several that I didn't have addresses for, and I have done a great job ignoring them.

Today was filled with church, a trip to Target and Old Navy, a fairly long run on my treadmill, and the Packers game.  Knowing that I don't have school tomorrow has taken away the frenzy I normally feel on Sunday evenings.  

For once I can take my girls to school, eat lunch with Little Sister, and pick them up.  They would enjoy if this worked every day, but my work schedule doesn't allow it.  

I am also hoping for a little time to clean and a little time to read.  

I baked a taco dip to eat after the football game tonight, but tomorrow will get meals ready for the week.  

It seems my "extra" day is already fairly full! 

Enjoy your Sunday evening, and MLK Jr. Day!

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Ti said...

I am off with the kids but The Hub has to work on Monday.

That game. I was so mad when they lost it. No matter how big a lead you have, you have to stay on your toes and GB did not. So sad.