Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Five

This has been a week of cold and snowy weather - and attempting to get back in the groove after Christmas break.  That has been only mildly successful since I have had two delayed starts and one day off of work because of the cold weather.  Ah, the joys of living in Iowa.

This coat looks so cozy and warm - maybe because it feels like the Arctic here . Seriously, I think Loft means for it to be worn outside the house, but I am thinking of curling up on the couch reading a book with this on.

As if I need another time waster, I have been sucked in to Trivia Crack.  My oldest daughter is always trying to play multiple games against me and my husband.  

You can never have too many exercise capris, right?  I already have several pairs, but really like these new ones on Athleta, too.  

I kind of feel like I shouldn't even put this one on my list mostly because it will cause you to die laughing.  I saw these head band things a little over a year ago and remarked on them then.  Kind of like, "who would wear this?" Well, I think I would look absolutely stupid wearing one and my husband probably wouldn't be caught dead with me (keep in mind we are from rural Iowa!), but I like them.  My girls all have hair that would look great in them.  I'm thinking this would be a cute gift idea.

Yep.  Listen to a few episodes of Serial, and I have officially become the podcast expert.  My daughters have been making fun of me a little bit for this since they claim I am now always trying to listen to something.  "Podcast this," I keep hearing from them.  Well, anyway, I have listened to only one episode of Reading Lives and really enjoyed it.  This podcast features authors (who I have never heard of, by the way) who talk about their own reading.  Very interesting but I do admit I would love to hear from some authors that I know.

So, there's the Friday Five.  Not so much I could tempt myself to spend money on this week, thank goodness!

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Ti said...

First, I must check out Serial.

Second, the headband is cute but not everyone could pull off wearing it that way. I know I couldn't but I could wear it like a normal jewelled band, right? If I tried to wear it that way, my husband would check my temp.