Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five

I know. Could I find a smaller picture of these leggings? And what is it about me and exercise capris?  Seriously. I just got my new Title Nine catalog and these capris jumped right out at me.  

I'm not sure tunics are for me but I sure do love the way they look. I've just had a few too many inquiries about whether I was pregnant - which I was not- while wearing ultra loose fitting shirts to feel comfortable in these anymore. But, I do love the tunics that Zulilly has on sale right now.

Old Navy had a LIFE magazine cover t-shirt before Christmas that I ordered and love. Now there is a new one on their website that I want.  You can never have too many t-shirts, right?

This article caught my attention this past week and I found myself nodding in agreement with the points the author made.  I don't think the author's view point needs to be isolated to just teaching, either. It could be applied to many careers that people think they know about without having any experience or education to do the job.

Love, love, love this scarf.  I found it on Zulilly, but sadly, it is sold out.

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Ti said...

That scarf. Love.