Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Rosie Effect

I fell in love with Don in The Rosie Project as he analytically went about finding himself a wife.  As someone who clearly is on the autism spectrum, there are many unique aspects to the way Don went about this task, but alas, finally realized that love is not something that can be calculated or rationally explained.

Now, in the Rosie Effect, Don and Rosie have moved to New York, and Rosie is pregnant.  The impending birth of an infant sends Don into high gear as he tries to take charge of Rosie and her diet and exercise in order to give their unborn child, Bud, the best start possible. 

Of course, the way Don goes about this is quite comical, until he is arrested for watching young children in a park as the police mistake him for a pedophile.  More confusion follows as Don tries to keep this from Rosie, who must keep her stress level down in order to provide the best environment for their unborn child.  The secrets mount as the issue leads from one thing to another, adding to the humor in The Rosie Effect.

I was so excited to see that The Rosie Project had a sequel coming out.  And The Rosie Effect is quite entertaining, although didn't quite live up to my expectations.  Perhaps I set the bar too high after falling in love with the first novel, but I could see additional novels featuring Don and Rosie in the future, a la The Shopaholic novels by Sophie Kinsella.

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Ti said...

I really adored the first book. Don reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. However, in the second book he seems a little annoying and although I only about 30% in, Rosie seems to be taking a back seat to the story.