Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Salon

I have been off work since Wednesday, which has meant almost no before-holiday time to prepare, but hopefully means some much needed rest after the holiday.  

To accommodate everyone's schedules we have had various get togethers on four different days.  There has been a lot of eating and visiting.

 Little Sister's Christmas cooking - reindeers and Santas

Middle Sister's Christmas artwork

Yesterday was my birthday and our seventeenth wedding anniversary.  It was very low key.  I would have happily gone to a movie with my husband, but he wasn't in the mood to sit through a movie.  He would have happily gone out to eat, but I was so sick of eating crappy food, eating more just wasn't appealing.  So in the end we did nothing, and decided to take a rain check for a future weekend when going out seems rather desirable.

My favorite (and possibly only) birthday card.  My mom doctored it up so it would work.

I am finally finding a bit of time to read - something I look forward to doing over break.    The big project I am hoping to accomplish is getting things hung on our walls so that I no longer have things just propped up around the house.  My husband put up some lights in our basement (The kitchen remodel entailed them ripping out the ceiling of the room below it, which has meant the lights needed to be put in since that was finished) and also done a bit of fixing on a snow blower he found.  

Waffle cone Christmas trees decorated at my mom's Christmas gathering

I still have one more week off of work, so I am going to enjoy every minute of it!  I hope everyone had a great holiday celebrating our Savior's birth, and enjoying friends and family.


Ti said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

I know what you mean about food. I am really tired of it.

My first week off was a blur. I was dealing with horrendous migraines. I think, honestly, it was because of me getting up later and not having my coffee fix before 5 am. But man, what a number they did on me. I couldn't see straight.

This week, I am hoping to make the most of it but The Hub has to work through Thursday. Sigh.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What fun pics. Happy belated birthday, I'm a December baby as well.