Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Walk On

I love John Feinstein's writing.  After years of reading his non-fiction books on a variety of sports topics (and I'm not even really a sports fan) and enjoying them, I was happy to read Feinstein's tween/middle grade The Sports Beat series featuring two kids who managed to solve crimes at various high profile sporting events.

Feinstein's new series The Triple Threat begins with with the first book, The Walk On.  From the first page, I was interested and intrigued by this story.

Alex Myers is the new kid in town, wanting to make the high school varsity football team.  Even though he is only a freshman, he is an awesome player and knows it.  However, the coach's son is the starting quarterback, Alex's position.  
All season he struggles with finding playing time and a coach who doesn't want him on the team since it is taking away from the recognition his son gets.  

I didn't much like Coach Gordon from the first time he is introduced, but my dislike grew immensely by the end of the book.  There is more to Feinstein's novel than just a coach who does not like a player, and the twist Feinstein throws in which includes drug testing of the athletes as they make the play-offs added a lot to this book.

Although the ending may be wrapped up a bit too nicely for me as an adult, I don't think tween readers will have the same reaction.  

This is a new series, but I loved the fact that Feinstein included a character from his Sports Beat series as well.

Feinstein's series is off to a strong start.  I can't wait to read the next installment.

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