Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Saving Grace

I don't usually think of Jane Green as an author of suspense, but her latest book, Saving Grace, which will be in stores in December, has Green's usual romance as well as some suspense.

The result is a very entertaining read.

Grace Chapman is married to famous author, Ted Chapman, a brilliant but difficult spouse.  Their lives are made easier with the help of Ted's personal assistant, Ellen, who must leave her job to care for her ailing mother. 

When the Chapmans find Beth to replace Ellen she seems the answer to their prayers.  She helps both Ted with his work and Grace with the running of the household. 

However, there is more to Beth than the sweet, helpful woman she appears to be.  Soon Grace feels like she is losing her mind, and Beth is taking her place in every aspect of her life.

As Grace struggles to get back her life, she uncovers the truth about "Beth."  It's a long road back to happiness for Grace as she knows she must also come to terms with her own past.

I always enjoy Jane Green's work, and this novel provides the perfect combination of Green's writing style and romance with the added element of suspense.  This is perfect for fans of Green's work, women's fiction, and a little suspense.

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