Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where the Wind Leads: A Refugee Family's Miraculous Story of Loss, Rescue, and Redemption

Vinh Chung's life is nothing short of amazing.  Born in Vietnam in the 70s his family fled the country in an attempt to find a better life.  

Vinh's grandmother made her living after her husband's death by starting a rice mill, which eventually led to great prosperity. Vinh was born into a family with wealth, yet when Vietnam fell to the Communists, the family fled the country for life in America, where they hoped to start anew. 

Their journey was dangerous from the outset. They joined the "boat people" despite knowing that thousands of other who had embarked on this journey never reached their destination. Pirate attacks, dehydration and near starvation were all faced with immense courage.

When the Chung family finally arrived in Arkansas, their new home, their struggle was not over.  They faced a language barrier and discrimination.  Chung shares stories about the ways in which his family made their way in a new country, and the work ethic his father passed on to his children.

Where The Wind Leads is an inspirational story, Chung's memoir is not full of sorrow despite everything his family lost.  Instead, his family chose to work hard and take every opportunity given to them.  

As I looked at Where The Wind Leads on Amazon, Chung's memoir has over one hundred reviews, and still retains a 5-star rating, the highest it can garner.

I am recommending this memoir to everyone; it is truly a tale of inspiration everyone should read.

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Anne Bennett said...

I have been put to the task to find some good books about cultural experiences. Is this appropriate for high school students?