Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Salon

This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity. I so appreciated staying home by myself on Friday night while my husband took all three girls to the football game.  That was the one bit of relaxation I managed to get.

Little Sister had her first soccer game yesterday as did Middle Sister.  The weather was cool, definitely fall-like. Unfortunately I missed both games since I worked yesterday morning.  In the afternoon we watched the Iowa/ISU game with friends. By the time we got home it was nearly bedtime.  And today.....well, I have been up cleaning and then we are signed up to play in a 4 person best shot.

What? You've never heard me mention that I golf?  Well, my ten year old asked me if I knew how to golf.  That means I haven't golfed in the past decade. What was I thinking when I agreed to this?  I'm sure it will be memorable.

Big Sister had her second XC meet.  Her time was slightly slower than her first meet. This week I won't be able to get to her meet in time to see her run.  I don't get off work in time to get there, so my husband will be her cheering section.

My mom, who has been on vacation with her brother (visiting another brother) for the past ten days returns today - finally!  She helps out a lot when she is around, so we've really been missing her while she was gone as I tried to juggle where everyone needs to be - which seems to be three different places all at the same time!

What's up for your Sunday? I would love to relax with a book....but maybe after the golf that can happen.

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Ti said...

We had another family over for dinner on Saturday which forced us to clean the house from top to bottom. We clean every week but not like this and everyone chipped in, which was a first! My house was so clean! I wasn't feeling great on Sunday but I kept looking at the house and thinking,'s clean.

Still hot hot hot here. I am so sick of it. I want some nice cool weather. I put my fall wreath up and the hub and teen told me to take it down.