Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Salon: The Late Edition

Beautiful fall weather this entire weekend has kept me busy outside, enjoying this while it lasts.  So, it is way later than I want it to be right now, and I haven't yet thought about lesson plans or the week ahead.

Last night was a night to sit around the bonfire with friends.  We managed to get invited and actually show up at two different bonfires in our neighborhood.  It was a late night with a lot of good food and a few drinks. 

My best intentions of working off the extra calories after church this morning quickly fell by the wayside, as our family began a major purge in our garage.  We still have stuff sitting out in our driveway and in our front yard that we will need to put away tomorrow, but we have made great progress: one full truck load to a friend's dumpster, many huge black trash bags waiting for garbage pick-up, 20 (give or take) plastic crates, tubs, etc. taken to recycling, lots of dirt swept up along with sawdust from the kitchen project, and lots of junk burned in our bonfire.  

Anywho....this means I didn't have a lot of time to sit around and read today.  Or work on lesson plans.  Or cook for the week.  Or basically get organized.  

So, I need to quickly do a few things before heading to bed.  I'm setting my alarm for a super early wake up call, so I can try and get a few things done before the week officially begins.

Little Sister's pumpkin decorating

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Ti said...

That pumpkin is pretty cute.

The closest to a bonfire I've been to in say the last 20 years is the fire pit at my MIL's house. Even then, it's lava rock since burning wood would probably spark and catch our drought ridden hillsides on fire.

My weekend was a blur. Sickness does that to you. I was glad to have the weekend to recoup but I missed church and it was the beginning of a new series and next week we have a sleepover scheduled so I may not be able to go then either.