Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five

I've been at an all day in-service without technology which means that my Friday Five post is just a few hours later than normal.  I thought about skipping it altogether, but there were still a few things that have caught my eye over the week.  Check out what I've been looking at online:

You know all the people who think books are outdated and are really pushing technology? They need to watch this video. A very inventive little blurb from IKEA about their new catalogue, which OK, really isn't about libraries or books, but I can totally find a way to springboard off this video and have a great discussion advocating for good old fashioned books.

Just when I think I am so over my peanut butter obsession, Jif goes and makes another peanut butter product I have to try.  I like this one (of course) and after I get this tub eaten up, I absolutely cannot allow myself to buy it again. 
I don't want to start thinking about Christmas quite yet, but these magnatiles are worth ordering now and saving for the holiday.  My girls have enjoyed playing with them at a friend's house. However, when I found out about them and wanted to purchase them, the factory where they are made had suffered some major natural disaster like a tsunami. The prices skyrocketed.  Usually a set of 100 pieces is $120.  Right now Zulily has them for just $80.  It's still expensive, but a toy that is well worth it.

I love wearing sweaters and with a high temperature in the low 50s today, can't wait to break some of my favorites out.  I did do a bit of a purge this past summer and got rid of some of the sweaters I haven't worn for quite a while, so this would seem to be a great time to add a few new ones to my collection.  
The blue swirly sweater can be found at Boden, while the plum one is at LL Bean. I wish I had an unlimited budget because there are several others out there that I would also love.

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Ti said...

The LL Bean sweaters last forever too.

Those magnetic tiles. They have them at my daughter's after school club. I see the kids playing with them all the time. I tried to play with them at the ice cream social they had but the kid would not share :(

I've decided that I need more clothes. Period. I am a big classic T with jeans kind of gal and most days, even at work, I can get away with this but I need better tops. If I have a meeting then I have to wear something else but most of the time I know when I have a meeting schedule. Now and then I get called in for a surprise meeting and I always feel schleppy on those days.