Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five

The weeks are feeling busy and rushed so far this fall.  Can't believe it's Friday already, but am very excited about the three day weekend.

We've been hearing a lot of this song around our house. It's stuck in my head now.
I love Boden, but don't order from them often.  I am liking this tunic over a pair of leggings. Boden's Must Have Tunic

And shoes....I love this pair now, too.  I haven't ordered them yet, but they're in my cart!

I was eating these a few weeks ago and my mother-in-law looked at them with great interest.  I love these chips that make me at least feel like I am eating healthy, and have a little spice to them as well.

I've had my shoes that I use for the exercise class I take for over a year, and despite the fact that I don't want to spend money right now, have been looking at different shoes.  These Under Armour training shoes are the pair I've got my eyes on.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Ti said...

That song. Much better than Ariana Grande's screeching.

Right now, I have Iggy Azalea's Black Widow stuck in my head.