Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five: Back to School Edition

I'm back to work this week, and there hasn't been nearly as much time to surf the web and shop online as I've had during the summer. As I adjust, my computer (and reading) time may be limited.

Here's what's been happening around here this week:

Big Sister received a birthday gift in the mail. Her new sweaty band has been added to her cross country clothes line-up.  Her aunt and uncle had it made in the team colors, a nice feature that this website has. (And, yes, she does know this is not really how to wear her new headband).

I've been busy at school.  Decorating my door like Pete the Cat

Helping a co-worker celebrate her 50th birthday.  The jar she's holding has Fireballs candy in it, with lettering on the jar that says, "50 and Hot".  She doesn't know yet that her van is full of black balloons, so driving home might be at trick.

My girls also had their first day of school yesterday. So far it's all good, which I'm grateful for.

Seriously, I think I could buy new shoes every week.  I found another pair I'd love to have.

These Keen Rose Sandals are still $85 on Zappos, but they would be a nice replacement for the Keens I've had for years.

After surviving the first week with kids, I'm ready for a weekend.  And just like predicted, our cool summer has heated up just in time for when school starts. My girls were dismissed two hours early today. For all of you who live elsewhere, this is what happens when you live in Iowa - no air conditioning in older buildings.

Happy Friday!

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Ti said...

It has been a very busy week for me. I felt so overwhelmed but I think I am over the worst of it.

Your decorated door looks very good!