Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Salon: Mowing the Lawn and Other Summer Activities

We're hitting that point in the summer where I am suffering from too much reading.  Hard to believe, I know, but I have read some really fabulous books, and these past few days I have started and abandoned several books. I'm sort of "meh" about anything I pick up right now.  I hope the feeling passes soon because I have lots and lots and lots stacked up here for me.  

The girls have also been telling me they're bored.  This summer has been cold and rainy as far as summers go, and the mosquito has become our state bird.  Every time I go outside I am swarmed by these annoying bugs.  At one point Middle Sister had 10 bug bites just on her face.  And that is with wearing bug spray.  

So, what do you do to counteract boredom?  You have the kids help mow the yard.  Big Sister was OK with learning how to do this, but Middle Sister had nothing good to say about this job. It's too bad I didn't enlarge this picture so you could see the snarl on her face.  However, they got the job done (along with Dad) and no one is missing any toes.  

Our vacation to the Dells was relaxing.  I am kind of grossed out by the wet sliminess of everything and the crowds of people all over. However, we did take a duck boat tour that was fun and I did spend a lot of time with my feet up and a book in my lap.  Perfect.

The more adventurous people in the family (that's everyone except me) did enjoy the rides.

There was also plenty of ice cream to end our days.

I've spent much of the day de-cluttering areas of our house.  Although I am making progress, it is hard to tell right now. The World Cup final is on and almost everyone in our house is curled up watching it.  

I've got a new dish I'm ready to try out for supper, and some leftovers from a new salad recipe I made last night that I am anxious to eat.  

What are you doing this summer Sunday?  


Ti said...

I plan to tell The Girl that she has to weed through her drawers and closets before we go shopping for school clothes. That should take some time but seriously, we only have four more weeks left.

I am missing The Goldfinch now that I am finally done with it.

Unknown said...

Ughh. Those bugs are probably the ugliest state bird there is. Hahaha! Anyway, I also love reading. I just finished one over the weekend. The way your girls reacted to the mowing made me remember of the things my siblings and I did when we were first introduced to the art of mowing by our father. It's pretty much the same. I never knew that it was a life lesson, as with everything else he made us do, as I later realized. I'm up for a vacation myself, I just don't know when or where, but I do hope it's soon. Thank you for sharing that awesome slice of your life. All the best!

Sam Lucas @ Green Collar