Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blast From the Past

In August 2004 I was getting ready to head back to school for another year of teaching with two small children.  These books are ones that topped my August 2004 reading log.  

PJ Tracy is a mother/daughter author team that I fell in love with when I read their first mystery, Monkeewrench.  I absolutely loved this book and have devoured every one in the series since. My only complaint is that I have to wait so long in between installments to this series.

Big Love by Sarah Dunn is one I can barely remember, except for the sense of enjoyment I had while reading it.

I think I should re-read Carmen Bin Ladin's memoir about her life in Saudi Arabia now. I simply remember bits and pieces of this book and after having read a few other books about Bin Ladin would like to revisit this book.

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite authors.  I have been lucky enough to be reading her books now for over ten years.  

What were you reading ten years ago?  Last year?

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