Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Salon

The last day of school has come and gone for my girls.  There were lots of exciting events leading up to that: track and field day, class parties, concerts, field trips....they had something every day to get excited about.  Already I have heard the "I'm bored," refrain from Middle Sister who is just going 
to have to adjust her way of thinking.  It is difficult to go from having a structured schedule to having no schedule...I have a hard time with it, too.

I also refuse to let this be a summer where our face is stuck in a computer screen.  Or a TV screen. Or an iPod screen.  

Today we visited the Cedar Valley Arboretum.   My co-op student's graduation party was held there.  It is a beautiful location that will be even more beautiful as the summer progresses and more flowers are in bloom.

 Feeding the fish

I have read several books this weekend which just makes it feel like summer.  The weather is a bit cool today, so I have taco soup ready for supper along with some fresh strawberries.

Tomorrow is my last day with students and Tuesday is my teacher work day.  I'm not sure I can get everything done in two days, but I am going to try my best.  

How about you? What have you been doing this past weekend?

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Ti said...

Mmmmm taco soup!

The girls look like they are all ready for summer!

My daughter had a field trip last week to a place called The Stunt Ranch and they were all excited because they thought it had to do with movie making. It was a wildlife preserve! She was not happy when she encountered a rattlesnake with her group.

Right now, she is getting an award for something. My husband is there but not answering my texts.