Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Save The Date

When I received an ARC of Mary Kay Andrews' novel Save The Date in the mail, I was so excited that I had to call and tell a few people who would also be excited- and I hope a bit jealous.

I am never disappointed with Andrews' books, and Save the Date is no exception. Set in Savannah, Cara is a florist, struggling to get her business off the ground.  The bride she is working for is extremely high maintenance, but the groom's brother is a bit intriguing (and annoying as Cara is sure he stole her dog and is claiming it as his own).  

As Cara gets to know Jack Finnerty, the groom's brother, a bit better, running into him at numerous weddings, she continues to work hard to grow her business and pay back the money she borrowed from her father. She encounters setback after setback, and her demanding father continually hounds her to pay back the loan he gave her.  

Save the Date comes out in stores today. This would make a great beach book and even if you remain indoors all summer, Andrews book will keep you entertained.  There's a bit of romance, and plenty of Southern charm in Andrews' latest.

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Unknown said...

Lucky you! :) Her novels are always fun to read. Does it come out soon?