Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five

Summer's underway.  We've only marked a few things off our summer bucket lists, but it has been nice to sleep in a little later and stay up later as well. I haven't spent much time on the computer this week since I had to take it in yesterday to be reimaged.  The little arrow on the screen was frozen and no matter what I tried it would not move.  Being without technology is no fun.  I think I'm back in working order now, thank goodness!

 My mom had a hard time getting her aviator sunglasses back from Middle Sister.  She's looking for a pair of her own now.

 Nothing like enjoying a Scratch cupcake on a summer afternoon.  

 The kitchen table is in progress.  It looks good, but we are struggling a bit with the stain color. 

Big Sister (and Middle Sister and Little Sister) reserved the television several weeks ago to watch the Kate Plus 8 special celebrating the sextuplets 10th birthday. I watched along with them and enjoyed seeing how much more grown up these kids are.  

I used to use Crystal Light packets like crazy, adding them to my water. I've reined myself in a bit, but am really enjoying these Minute Maid drops that can be added to water.  The little containers are perfect to carry in my purse (or wherever) and so far I've enjoyed the flavors I've tried.  

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