Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Mabel and Ev are unlikely friends, coming from vastly different backgrounds. The two meet up at college, where Mabel is initially ignored by Genevra, her roommate.  Yet Mabel is quickly taken in by Ev's pedigreed background and jumps at the chance to go home with Ev for the summer which will be spent at a Vermont summer cabin where generation after generation of Ev's family have been coming.

Mabel finally feels as though she belongs, enjoying the trappings of this family's wealth. And when one of the Winslow aunts asks Mabel to unlock some of the family's secrets, Mabel can't help but do a bit of investigating on her own.

Despite the fact that I enjoyed the storyline in this novel, and have loved Beverly-Whittemore's previous work, Bittersweet got off to a slow start for me.  By the time the mystery was unfolding, I was intrigued and wanted to keep reading, but felt like this book took too long getting to "the good part."  

I don't want to discourage others from reading Bittersweet, because I did enjoy the book, but feel like it didn't live up to my expectations.

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Ti said...

I just picked this one up. I skipped over it before because the cover made me think it was self-published. I really have no idea if it is or not but I do own a copy. I tend to shy away from self published books because the ones I have read have not been good.

But then two other bloggers raved about it so I got a copy. Slow, huh? I am not in the mood for slow these days.