Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

This week's highlights:

I was so excited to read this post on Teachitivity.  The corkulous app is one I can see so many uses for with my students.  I need some more time to play with it, but it is pretty awesome.

There are a lot of things I love when I shop online, but only a small number that I actually purchase. I have been looking for something like this for a while to hang in my super small entry way - a place where we could place our keys, mittens, and other items we are always misplacing.  Click here for product information.

Playdate for Little Sister and her friend - rescheduled after the weekend with strep throat. Finished with ice cream at our new local ice cream shop.


On Wednesday I made a home visit to a student for their birthday. This is Pyae's first birthday in America, and he excitedly asked me and another teacher to come over for "talking."  We know enough about other cultures that we always accept their generous offers of food and drink.  This time we were offered tea (not a favorite of mine), but I surprised myself and absolutely loved it! It was more like hot chocolate than tea, and it was full of caffeine, which I don't do, but it was so tasty.  (We were also served three other beverages during the hour we were there, and accepted each with a smile and the knowledge that we would be well hydrated).  This tea mix can be ordered online.

Kindle purchase of the week:
Can't wait to read this one...partly because I'm a parent of kids who are slightly younger than teens and already networked. Partly because I'm educating elementary students to be tech savvy.  

These are the highlights of my week.  

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Ti said...

Have you purchased the cubby yet? If not, I suggest buying one with doors. I had the open kind and it ended up being a clutter zone. A very visible one. But the small one I have now with doors is a little better. It's not as pretty and I may paint it but it's nice to hide the stuff behind a well placed door.