Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five

Friday Five is a weekly meme hosted by Darci at The Good Life.

This week's five:

This show is so letting me relive the 80s and my fear of the USSR - the spying, the Reagan presidency, Guess jeans....I've only watched the first episode and can barely get myself to get anything done at home because I want to sit around and watch more.

Big Sister (in the center with the purple sweater) participated in the Math Bee this week. They didn't move on to the state competition, but they did get to eat at Pizza Ranch afterward, which was a thrill for the kids.

My kindle purchase of the week (one of them at least) is The Bosnia List. I am very interested in this memoir as we have a large Bosnian population at my school.  

I don't know how I didn't mention this last week, but I finally upgraded my phone to an iphone 5S.  I can't even begin to tell you how much better this phone works than my last one.  It doesn't lock up.  It accesses the internet.  I can download apps and they work.  I am so in love with this phone....and I haven't even mentioned the fact that it can take slo-motion videos!

Someday the snow will melt and it will warm up and act like spring.  This top from Boden is one I plan to wear once that weather arrives.  The funny thing about it...the other night I was at my mom's house. She had a few catalogs on her counter that I was flipping through. One was Boden, the other JCrew.  The Boden catalog had the page with this shirt turned down...and she had ordered the exact same shirt.
So, I looked in the JCrew catalog, and mentioned a shirt I loved. Guess what? She ordered the exact same shirt that I had mentioned liking.  This has happened to us before, which I guess truly does mean that great minds think alike.

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Ti said...

Love J. Crew but I am not familiar with Boden.

I hate the experience of getting a new phone. Mine imploded right before Christmas but now I am so glad I have it. So much faster. We put up with a lot and don't realize how the other half lives until we drink the punch.