Thursday, January 9, 2014

What I Have to Say About Kindle Reading

In 2010 my Kindle was new to me- and I read only 5 books on it the entire year.  In 2011, I was up to an even dozen books. It appeared this e-reading thing was getting easier. But in 2012, I was back down to 8 books. In 2013, I read 13 books on my Kindle Fire.  I'm not sure if I should be encouraged by this, or consider this a failure. I still love holding and reading good old fashioned books, with actual pages.  However, I do appreciate how a new book is truly just a click away.  And, I love NetGalley (even though I don't seem to get those books read very quickly).  

A list of the pros and cons of e-reading versus actual books doesn't take into account how much I enjoy holding a book in my hand, or the fact that growing up as a reader of paper/print books is a habit that I might never break.

A few year ago, I would have made some resolution or entered a reading challenge.  I have given up on challenges. I'm just not good about being so regimented and planned out with my reading. I like perusing my bookshelves and reading whatever title catches my eye. And I like looking at my kindle books and reading whatever I want whenever I feel like it.

I will say that I have been doing a bit more kindle reading on my ipad while running.  I love to read while running on the treadmill, and turning a page on my ipad takes far less coordination than turning a page in a book.  If I can convince myself to read kindle books while running, I am hopeful that my Kindle book totals will be much higher in 2014.  

Already on January 9, I have finished two books this way - the new Julia Spencer Fleming mystery (review to come) and Made From Scratch and Homeward Bound by Emily Matchar.

So, when 2014 comes to a clsoe, we'll see just how many kindle books I have read by then, and whether my preference of holding a book in my hands remains intact.


Ti said...

My daughter has a Kindle Fire and I have a regular Kindle ereader, using the e-ink technology and I have to tell you, I cannot read on the Fire. I read tons on my old Kindle though. It's more like a page to me and and I flip pages so quickly when I read on it.

I'd say that I do about 50% of my reading on the Kindle. All of my review copies these days seem to be from Edelweiss so they end up on my Kindle. I also get a ton of stuff from the library for my Kindle and the other benefit to an old Kindle, I turn Wi-Fi off and the library books never expire. Shhhh.

Melissa Mc said...

I've read one ebook in 2 years...yet, each time there is an ebook on sale I buy it. All my reading, save that one book, has been paper.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...


I like note taking and leaving notes in the margins of arcs better --easier to review after, but I do like reading on my Kindle & iPad as well. I'd say 30% of what I read last year was eBooks.
(I'm trying to save trees)