Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Salon

What did I do before Netflix?  I only signed up for a Netflix account last week, but I have become a total Parenthood addict.  As much as I love that show, I also feel like I am wasting my free time - and it is definitely cutting into my reading time.

Last week I had two "snow days" which really didn't have anything to do with snow.  The temperatures dipped to 55 below zero with wind chill, giving me a little free time (Netflix).  Sadly, we will be making these days up in June.  Tomorrow we have a professional development day, translating into no students, and hopefully time after our meetings where I can get lesson plans done.

Little Sister was sent home from school on Thursday and Friday with a stomach ache.  She is a hard girl to figure out- often her stomach hurts because she is nervous about something.  However, I do think she had some bug of some sort since she hardly ate a thing and ran to put her face over the toilet every time she did eat, thinking she was going to throw up.  Happily she seems recovered today.

Tonight I'll be cooking an old favorite- chicken enchilada casserole to serve for supper this week while we are busy getting kids to practices.  I whipped up some calico beans yesterday along with a loaf of beer bread.  

We actually are making progress on our addition.  The windows are in! I am hopeful that the construction will continue this coming week and there will be more to report next Sunday.

I'm looking for a for a few new blogs to add to my blogroll- teacher librarian blogs, running blogs, parenting blogs....any recommendations?

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Ti said...

Your daughter is so much like mine. When she got sick over break, she claimed she tossed her cookies while in the shower. I never saw the evidence of that and she ate like a horse the entire time so who knows if she actually did, but she was somewhat subdued and quiet which is not like her at all, so I knew she had something. Hope your girl is feeling better now.