Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Love

Long ago I learned about Thomas Jefferson's love of books.  His donation to the Library of Congress after it lost its books in a fire amazed me. Here was a man who had enough books in his own personal collection to provide the largest library in our country with enough books to rebuild its collection.

Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library by Barb Rosenstock, illlustrated by John O'Brien is a perfect picture book depicting Jefferson's love of reading.  Rosenstock traces Jefferson's love of books back to his childhood, when he had read all of his father's books before he began school (his father's collection was an impressive 49 books!).  That love of words and reading continued throughout his life.  It seems that Jefferson was never without a book.  

Chronologically presented, there are also little snippets- facts about Jefferson and libraries that are included on each page.  O'Brien's illustrations are a perfect fit for the 1700's era setting, as girls are adorned in bonnets and men in their breeches.

I'm adding this to my collection as well as my school library's.  Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library was a fun, fact filled read for young bibliophiles, and for those who might need a bit of encouragement to find a reason to love books and reading.

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