Friday, December 20, 2013

The Rosie Project

I was a bit worried about The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion - not sure if I would love it at all. I have seen reviewers on both sides of the fence on this one.  Happily, I did fall in love with the Rosie Project, being completely entertained.

Don Tillman is highly intelligent - a genetics professor - who is looking for a wife. Like everything else in his life, Don is doing this in an orderly fashion, creating a questionairre he would like candidates to fill out. This should save Don a great deal of time, he thinks, eliminating people with traits incompatible to what he is looking for.

Although Don doesn't seem himself as having Aspergers, his disorder is very obvious to everyone else.

Don is introduced to Rosie, a woman who doesn't fit any of his critera: she smokes, works as a barmaid, and has a host of other issues that cause Don to weed her out.  However, the two spend a great deal of time together as they begin the Father Project, looking for Rosie's biological father.

Although Don knows there is no way her could ever fall in love with Rosie, he soon begins to realize not everything in life is logical.

This is a sweet, funny love story that made me laugh out loud several times.  Simsion is working on a sequel to The Rosie Project that I'll happily be checking out as soon as it is published.  Anyone needing a fun, romantic read should get their hands on The Rosie Project.

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