Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Poacher's Son

My friend, Kristin, reads mysteries far more than I do.  She often recommends ones that she thinks I will enjoy and I then pass along her recommendations to the public library where I work. Seriously, this little town is full of mystery readers.  

Somehow Paul Doiron's series hadn't been on my radar yet, but I checked out the first book, The Poacher's Son, and even read it before the many other books on my TBR tower. The Poacher's Son was easy to get into, hard to put down, and a series I want to read more of. I could easily see this being a hit with the mystery lovers I know.

Set in Maine,  Mike Bowditch is a game warden, enforcing hunting laws and ensuring that the residents of remote regions of this state are safe.  After years of little to no contact with his father, Mike returns home one day to find a message from his father asking for help.

The next day Mike receives more news - the police are looking for his father, believing that he killed a beloved policeman.  Mike is certain his dad is innocent, despite the fact that he is known to poach game and drink too much. Even though Mike loves his job, he is willing to risk losing it in an effort to defend his dad.

There is suspense, a likeable character in Mike Bowditch, and a few more mysteries in this series that I can't wait to read.

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