Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Salon

The weather here yesterday reached 50 degrees- unheard of for winter in Iowa.  My kids enjoyed sledding with their cousins and my brother driving them all around on my mom's Kawasaki.  We didn't get our van washed or a snowman built, but we did have a great day of fun.

Today it is much colder and we have yet to venture outside.  Little Sister helped me make some beef stew. 

 Big Sister helped make some taco dip that I have been craving.  We had this same dip at my mom's house for Christmas, and finally my girls have started to appreciate this meal.  

My new Uggs are greatly appreciated- especially since it is so cold out now.  Can't believe I'm just getting my first pair now.....Over eight years ago I had purchased a pair of Uggs that were clearanced out for a huge discount. However, at that point they hadn't quite become the fashion statement they are today. My husband looked at them, and convinced me they were horribly ugly, and I returned them. I want to kick myself every time I think about it.

Middle Sister made me a birthday cake today- a few days late.  I think she and Little Sister were not so worried about me not having a cake, but about the fact that they wanted to eat one.

At our house we are certainly not in our regular routine.  I have had a chance to read a lot of books, sleep in, and try to get back into my exercise routine here at home.  

Tomorrow I am spending the day working at school and finishing off my day with massage.  Maybe then I will be able to tackle the stacks of papers and "stuff" cluttering up our kitchen and living room.  The windows for our kitchen addition should be here on January 2, which means we are getting closer to our present kitchen being a thing of the past.  There is a lot to pack up and throw away before that can happen!

However, I'd hate to be too ambitious, so I'm off to read a bit more in Quiet Dell.

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Ti said...

Stew sounds really good. So does taco dip! So it's cold again where you are? It's like summer here. Mid-70s but really windy, which makes it so very dry. My house has a lot of windows so even though we have been hanging out at home, I still feel the light streaming through.

I may have to leave the house today to take the teen to rehearsal and the girl to the library. She's getting a little stir crazy and her stomach thing from yesterday seems to have come and gone. I really just want to finish this book (Canada). I just have 15% to go!