Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Eleanor and Park was my first experience reading Rainbow Rowell's work, and it has quickly become a favorite YA recommendation.  Fangirl, Rowell's latest, is another book I will be passing on to readers.  

Cather and Wren are identical twins, heading off to college for their freshman year.  Wren is more extroverted, and Cather feels abandoned by her life-long companion and best friend.  As Wren embraces college life, Cather finds it difficult to make new friends- even eating in the dining hall is difficult. And yet, Cather does make friends.  Her roommate, although a bit snarly, grows on Cath, and her roommate's cute boyfriend is a constant presence, offering to walk Cath home from the library as she spends her nights writing there.

Although Cath is adjusting, there is no way she can leave behind Simon Snow, and the fan fiction she writes in her free time. 

Rowell has managed to create another cast of unique and special characters, and just as with Eleanor and Park is able to create a sweet and tender romance. Although Fangirl is lengthy at 400+ pages, it was well worth reading each and every word. 

I can't wait to read some of Rowell's older work and am excited to see what else she publishes.

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Melissa Mc said...

I loved Eleanor & Park, bought Attachments, and am eager to read Fangirl too. Going for the Rainbow trifecta!