Friday, October 25, 2013

Bedtime Reads

Remember those boxes I teased you with yesterday on my blog?  I took a huge stack of books home to share with Little Sister at bedtime.  So far, we've read several and I have a lot that I can't wait to read to my students at school.

Bugs in My Hair by David Shannon was an instant must read for us. As soon as I saw the author and fun cover, I couldn't wait.  It doesn't hurt that my nieces and nephew's school is having a major outbreak of head lice, so it has been a topic of conversation in our house recently.  There is a bit more information in this book than Shannon's other books - giving some little tidbits about lice, like the fact that dogs don't get head lice.  The illustrations are fun and colorful, depicting one poor boy's experience with these disgusting creatures.

Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier has been a book that Little Sister has already shared with several people.  This is a perfect book for her to read aloud, and as she follows the instructions to open each book, she enjoys the cuteness of it, each book becoming smaller and smaller.  She has already requested we purchase this book for our own collection.  

Picture Day Perfection by Deborah Diesen is another fun bedtime read.  The boy narrating the story has been planning for an entire year the perfect school picture.  A number of things happen to ruin that plan - syrup spilling, a bad hair day, and a gray background, to name a few.  We were expecting him to feel bad about the way his picture turned out, yet it becomes obvious that our ideas of "perfection" are vastly different.

I still have lots of books to read to Little Sister at bedtime, a great time to find some new treasures for read-alouds at school.

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