Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Salon

Wow!  This day totally got away from me.  I have tucked all three girls into bed and feel somewhat organized for the upcoming week.  

My husband is off to Seattle for a conference, but is also enjoying the Space Needle and other tourist attractions along with attending various work-related things.

Whenever he travels alone, I feel compelled to perform heroic feats of housecleaning.  This weekend I cleaned and organized and threw a lot of stuff out in attempts to de-clutter. The house is still a work in progress, but I hope when he returns later this week he can tell that I made an effort. 

I always plan on watching a show on netflix, or a DVD I have had for way too long, but that just never seems to happen. I did finish up a few books and made a great supper - chicken and veggies on the grill, oven roasted red potatoes and watermelon - and invited my mom over to eat with us.  Now I have leftovers to eat this week for lunch.  

This week looks busy simply because I am the only person running kids to and from practices and getting everything else done around the house.  We'll see how much time I can squeeze in for reading - the stacks of books just keep getting bigger!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready for the work week.

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