Friday, August 23, 2013

The Hand Me Down Doll

Steven Kroll's The Hand Me Down Doll was originally published in 1983, and although the story wasn't one I instantly recalled, the cover brought back memories of my childhood.

My six year old and I happily read this book last night before bed and both of us were entertained by it.  The beautiful doll is passed from owner to owner, always hoping to have a name and be loved.  The ending is a happy one, with Kaylee, the newly named doll, being loved by her girl, Hayley, despite having to go through several different homes in order to find a place she belonged.

The illustrations in The Hand Me Down Doll help bring this story to life, and I loved the nostalgia I felt while reading it.  This will surely be a often requested night-time story at our house, and with this republication I hope another generation of young readers will fall in love with this story.

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