Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Sister's Birthday

Little Sister is 7 today! We all got up early this morning to watch her open her presents- her favorite being a 3 DS.  I have to go in to school late today for parent led conferences, but also have to work late.  I'm not thrilled with working late, but at least this way I can take her to school and drop off the popsicles she is bringing for her class as a treat.

At age seven Little Sister is waiting for a loose tooth, becoming a great reader, and still has a Tinkerbell personality.  Her voice is the loudest of all the kids in our house - and her cousins.  She loves anything furry and cuddly, but will also catch a toad or two.  Her favorite foods are canteloupe, corn and steak.  

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

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Ti said...

Happy Birthday to her!
Hope the parent teacher conferences go smoothly. You just reminded me that they never told me what my appt was for mine.