Thursday, August 8, 2013

Girl Scout Book Club: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Recently I have begun helping out a bit with Big Sister's Girl Scout troop. As they enter middle school, there are only four girls that are still in the troop, and the meetings are a little less consistent. But, with just four girls it is possible to have some different troop outings and fun activities that a larger troop might not be able to take advantage of.

For a while I have been after my oldest daughter to start a mother/daughter book club. Despite the fact that she enjoys reading, this idea just appalls her.  However, when we saw a Book Club Girl Scout patch at the Girl Scout store, some of the other troop members thought that would be a cool idea.  And thus, our book club has begun.

Our first book was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell. This is an older book- I read it in eighth grade. But, the girls all read an excerpt at school in their reading book, so they had a bit of background information.  On our way back from the Mall of America trip in June, we began reading it aloud.  Every girl has a copy of the book (we are just borrowing them from my school's ELP teacher) and could follow along while we were reading. Then we turned them loose to read on their own. 

Last night we met to talk about the book and watch the movie version.  I think this is a winning idea for the girls.  One mother liked that it had her daughter reading at home in her free time.  I'm not sure how long we will keep it up or how regularly we will meet to talk about books, but last night was a fun way to celebrate reading and books.

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