Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ladies Night

I spent part of today cuddled up on my couch wrapped in a warm blanket devouring Mary Kay Andrews' latest book. My first choice for reading Andrews' books would be at the pool, but since the weather hasn't been  so cooperative, I've had to be a bit more flexible about my beach reading. 

Ladies Night is a perfect summer read- although I've read some of Mary Kay Andrews' books at different times during the year and liked them no matter when I read them.  
Grace is a big-time blogger. She and her husband, Ben, have built themselves a small empire based on her blog, GraceNotes, where she writes about a variety of home improvement and decorating topics.  When she discovers Ben has been cheating on her with her assistant Grace goes a bit crazy, driving her husband's car into their pool.

Going through a divorce, Grace has been assigned to a divorce therapy group where she meets up with some other bitter women, and the lone divorcing man, Wyatt.  As Grace tries to begin her life anew, starting a new blog as her soon to be ex and his new girlfriend sabotage her career, she also makes a few good friends in this group. She also begins to renovate a small house near the beach, enjoying the manual labor and the results she is getting from her hard work.

Andrews' books often have a home decorating theme, something I love.  The Florida setting, the romance, and suspense I have come to associate with her books, provided another pleasant reading experience.  I look forward to Mary Kay Andrews books every year and Ladies Night is a book I will be recommending to all my women's fiction readers.

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