Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Lucky You Are

I always have so many books checked out at the same time that it is impossible to get all of them read.  I have good intentions, but there is simply not enough time in the day.  How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kuseck Lewis is one of the books that checked out, had to return, and then re-checked out.  I almost didn't get to it this time, either, but started it one night, and could barely put it down.

Waverly owns and operates her own bakery, in a decade long relationship with her boyfriend, Larry.  Her closest girl friends seem to have it all together. Kate is married to a rising political star and her life is full of designer clothes, hair appointments, and appearances.  Amy, the third friend in their group has a three year old daughter and doctor husband - her life appears to be cookie-cutter perfect.

All three of them are struggling with some pretty big issues on their own. Waverly tries to keep her financial struggles to herself.  Kate's life isn't as perfect as it appears on the outside. But Amy's struggles are far greater than anyone thought, threatening her life. 

Lewis' book is a great women's fiction novel, perfect for book clubs.  She tackles the big issue (SPOILER ALERT) of spousal abuse, something I haven't seen a lot of in women's fiction, and does so in a realistic way. Even though I was frustrated by some of the choices her characters made, Lewis's characters behaved like real people, flaws included.

I'm so glad I got to this book on my stack, it was well worth the time. I will be looking forward to other work by Lewis in the future.


Mystica said...

I'd like to read this too.

Ti said...

I am like that with library books too. I have renewed the two that I have 4 times and I still haven't gotten to them!

This one looks like it is a light read but from what you said, sounds like a lot more than that.