Monday, June 24, 2013

In Case You Run Out of Books To Read

I will never run out of books to read- at least that is what I have calculated, but just in case, I also subscribe to several magazines.  I have tried to rein this in a bit since I could look at them at the library and never seem to get to them in a very timely fashion.  However, here are my top five magazines that I just can't live without:

1.  People Magazine.  I used to read this cover to cover, and I don't so much anymore, but it is a great magazine for keeping up on Hollywood happenings and it totally keeps me preoccupied while on the elliptical.  And, I love the book reviews.  

2.  Smithsonian - Lest you think that People was as much as my mind could handle, I love reading Smithsonian magazine. There are so many interesting topics covered in this monthly publication. For a while I was hanging on to my old issues, but just couldn't justify keeping my huge stack of them since there is no way I will ever find time to look back through them. Now I check out Smithsonian from the library.

3.  HGTV- this is a relatively new magazine.  I have become addicted to shows like House Hunters and Love It or List It.  This magazine ha some great ideas in it, even though I never get around to trying them. 

4.  All You - I feel like this is a little known magazine that most people overlook, yet it is excellent.  Fashion on a budget (things real people will wear), recipes that include cost to prepare, book, movie and music recommendations.  I get excited each time I see this magazine in my box.

5.  O -The Oprah Magazine - I should get around to reading more of this, yet I love receiving O in my mailbox.  I always look over the Reading Room section first, and then the O List, but there are also great ideas on developing yourself as a person and feeling more fulfilled in your life 

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