Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Salon

My posting this past week was a bit sporadic due to my oldest daughter's doctor appointment.  I love the fact that we are now seven years post treatment and only have to go back once a year -but, that doesn't make them any less stressful - at least to me!  I didn't accomplish much in the way of cooking or cleaning, either this past week, so I have to play catch up today.

After all the hospital stuff (EKG, echocardiogram, and bloodwork) were done, we did get some shopping in.  First stop: Prairie Lights Book Store- an awesome indie bookstore in Iowa City. We always can find ways to spend money there.  

The best buy we had was a new dress for Big Sister who has grown a bit and has nothing dressy left for church (her two younger sisters still have lots of cute sundresses in their closet).  We found this dress at Scheels:

The adult brand that is producing this new kids line is Soybu, and even though I didn't buy anything for myself, I did like the clothes and have filed this away for future shopping trips for myself.

We've had summer-like weather this weekend, and today it is humid - the right kind of weather for a good 'ol storm.  My husband is working on planting hostas and ferns along our trail in our woods and is buying flowers for our window boxes.  I would love to cuddle up with Reconstructing Amelia, but feel slightly guilty that he would be working while I am lounging and reading.

I have just two weeks left til the end of the school year- and what a busy two weeks it will be!  Two softball games, two soccer practices and one game, a talent show I am helping with at school, finishing up my book fair and beginning inventory, organizing a track and field day for the last day, still getting my NLXF classes in....I will be in great need of a break!  

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday - and may just forget about my guilt and sit and read for a bit anyway.  

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