Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Salon

We have been blessed by another beautiful weekend - mid 60's here, which makes up for the snow we received earlier this week.  Who would ever think we would get snow in May?

Not that I'm counting down or anything, but there are only four more weeks of school here.  The last two weeks I spend doing inventory without kids - the year is really winding down.

This is my fifth week of my Next Level Xtreme Fitness class.  The workouts are hard, but I love them!  I feel like I am really getting a great workout there and despite the fact that I thought I would only be able to get there three days a week, I have made it more times than that, and have even gone at 5 AM some mornings instead of missing a day. I am addicted!  Have I lost weight? Not really.  That's the bad news.  Do my clothes fit better? Maybe a little bit.  

We have had no commitments (aside from church) this entire weekend. It has been great!  I haven't been on a major cleaning binge, which I should have done, but I did do a bit of relaxing, along with some laundry, running, errands, and even managed to get the girls to the W to swim today for a bit.  

Soon it will be time for us to do our bedtime reading.  The girls are listening to me read Someone Named Eva, a Holocaust story that is generating some good discussion.  I will be finishing off My Foreign Cities by Elizabeth Scarboro, a memoir of her life with her husband Stephen who suffered from cystic fibrosis.  

I'm hoping for sunny weather this coming week as Big Sister has softball practice, and Middle Sister has soccer practice and a game. We round out the week with an elementary music concert, gymnastics, and a garage sale we are preparing for next weekend.

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