Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Salon

Later today we'll be venturing to Des Moines to see Bon Jovi in concert. The girls and I planned on going to see them with my sister. Unfortunately she was unable to trade her work schedule, but I still wanted to go to this concert.  My friend, Jamie, is going with us instead.  She has seen Bon Jovi several times already, and was more than happy to come along with us.  Not sure what the girls will think, but I have heard good things from everyone else who has seen them in concert before.  

Our weekend has been wet and cold - AGAIN!  I shouldn't complain since I know North Dakota and Minnesota are suffering through another blizzard, but I am so done with winter.  Middle Sister's soccer game was cancelled yesterday and Little Sister didn't have practice or a game this week because of the weather.  My girls are begging to go outside and play every day but don't end up spending too much time outside since it is so cold and damp.

Luckily I can read inside and be warm and happy.  This weekend I finished up a few books that I will review this week, and can't wait to start some new titles.  

We also have been working on cleaning - first because it just needs to get done, but also to get rid of things at our upcoming garage sale. And, we are also planning to remodel our kitchen this summer, so need to have our house appraised. I have been desperately wanting a kitchen remodel since we moved here six years ago, but am slightly overwhelmed by trying to decide what I really want.  We won't be changing things again (at least not any time soon) after the remodel is done, and we have limited space to work with. We're not really wanting the expense of adding on and I also have a huge issue with having so much when so many of my students don't have what they need to survive.  It just seems excessive. I will need to work on some creative ideas for using our space wisely.

I'm off to go finish up Park and Eleanor before running.  Anne Bennett from My Head is Full of Books recommended me setting aside the other books I had started to make sure I got this one done before it's due, and she was right. I'm really liking it.

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