Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitness Friday

As of today I have completed 3 days of Next Level Xtreme Fitness' 10 week session ( had to miss today's class due to work commitment).  I am not new to exercise.  In fact, I have been exercising faithfully for 25 years now.  There have been only one or two times in those years where I didn't work out for a few weeks (like after I had babies), and I don't consider myself out of shape.  But as my friend Tanya says, there are in-shape fat people. Luckily she wasn't directing that comment at me.

I set a goal for 2013 of running 1000 miles, which I think is attainable.  At the end of March I had run 365 miles.  But, with running that much, there is no time for any other type of exercise, and I couldn't really see any weight loss/toning at all.  My friend Heather has taken NLXF before and recommended it. 

I really like it. All except for the fact that it is hard to juggle my schedule to fit this class in. I feel like I am not around very much for my kids and it's not nearly as convenient as exercising in my own home.  My husband is having to do more and not necessarily enjoying dealing with the fighting and whining that goes with parenting. Right now I am telling myself that I am not going to do this for forever, so despite the fact that this class is making things a bit crazy at home, I am going to enjoy my 10 weeks of trying to get in better shape. 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are kick boxing, while Tuesdays and Thursdays are more cardio- Tuesday focusing on lower body, and Thursdays on upper body.  The MWF classes seem slightly more enjoyable (if they could be called that) than the Tuesday/Thursday ones.  They are all challenging. 

And like with any good exercise program, a good diet must go along with it.  The first week hasn't been too bad. I have stuck to my plan of eating things that had a root or face at one time (basically fruits and veggies and protein).  It makes me feel better to eat healthy, even though there are plenty of temptations out there. As part of NLXF we must keep a food journal and hand it in each week. 

As this experience progresses, I'll have to fill you in.  I couldn't bring myself to pose in my jog bra and shorts a la The Biggest Loser for a before photo but I am hoping to at least see results in how my clothes fit.  

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