Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Splash of Red

Melissa Sweet's work was unknown to me until a little over a year ago when I first read Balloons Over Broadway and fell in love with it. 
A Splash of Red is written by Jen Bryant and illustrated Melissa Sweet - a win/win situation. The story of unknown-to-me artist, Horace Pippin is fascinating.  Pippin enjoyed drawing, but was forced to leave school and earn money for his family.  After returning from war with an injured arm, Horace never thought he would draw again.  His art now hangs in galleries around the country, a testament to Pippin's desire to create again.
As Pippin worked to rehabilitate his arm, he worked hard to make new pictures.
I will never get tired of looking at Sweet's colorful artwork.

This is a great addition to my biography collection at school and kids will enjoy reading about this artist as well as looking at the illustrations.  

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