Friday, February 1, 2013

The Quiet Place

Once again Sarah Stewart and David Small, the husband/wife team have collaborated to produce The Quiet Place, a beautiful picture book.
Set in 1957, The Quiet Place reminds me of a previous book by Stewart and Small, The Garden. I loved The Garden and upon reading The Quiet Place, I fell in love with it also.
Isabel and her parents and brother have moved to the United States from Mexico. Isabel writes her aunt Lupita to tell her of their adventures in a new country, a place she now is making her home.  Despite the many changes she faces, what doesn't change is how she misses her aunt.
Isabel encounters many new and different things- snow, a new language and school.  As she must embrace a new life, she also looks for a quiet place she can call her own.  By decorating a cardboard box, Isabel has a place she feels most at home, a place where she can draw and write.
The beautiful watercolor illustrations and the letters to Lupita made this a wonderful read aloud last night.  My kindergarten girl enjoyed it as did my older third and fifth grade daughters.

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