Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Salon

Sunday is almost finished and I'm just now sitting down at the computer to read some blogs.  Where did the day go?  Or the weekend, for that matter.

On Friday night my husband and Big Sister and Middle Sister attended the final home wrestling meet of his college coach who won his twenty-first conference championship in twenty-one seasons. Amazing! 
Middle Sister attended an all day I Heart Music program on Saturday, and followed that up with a birthday party for a friend who took her to the Alan Jackson concert.  Never mind that Middle Sister didn't know a single Alan Jackson song.  The best part was that she thought I was pulling her leg when I told her Alan Jackson was a man. She was just sure that Ellen Jackson would be a woman. 
Both Big Sister and Little Sister had playdates/sleepovers of their own yesterday and I taught Sunday School this morning.  We finally purchased a new treadmill, something that my husband and I had decided was our anniversary/birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day/any other random holiday gift to each other. The one we chose is back-ordered until mid March, but we are serious treadmill users and need a high quality machine. Just this weekend I have put 28 miles on our treadmill while running.  I am also reading Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler and loving it, which makes running much more enjoyable.

State Wrestling is this upcoming weekend, and for the first time ever the girls and I are going to meet up with my husband and attend the finals on Saturday.  He has been spending a lot of time coaching and hasn't had a Saturday off since November, so I am happy to see this season coming to a close. However, he has had a great time and is pretty pumped up for the four guys that qualified on the team.

I've read several great books that I still want to review. I just need to add a few extra hours to every day in order to get that done. I am also starting knitting again, which might cut into reading a bit, but is something I have missed doing.

On to story time before the girls go to bed (we are having a later bedtime after having a family naptime this afternoon),

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