Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Cutting Season

Attica Locke's second novel, The Cutting Season, is a well crafted and suspenseful murder mystery, linking together two separate murders that book took place at Belle Vie, a touristy-plantation in Louisiana decades apart. 
Belle Vie is managed by Caren, a woman who grew up on the plantation as the daughter of one of the plantation's workers, and is well acquainted with the family who still owns this land.  She manages the property and the events that occur there. When a woman is found dead, her throat slit, in a shallow grave, Caren is drawn in to what might have happened to her.  She is also dealing with her daughter, Morgan, who at nine still seems so young and childlike, but who is starting to keep secrets from her mother, and won't tell her mom how she got blood on her school shirt.
In addition to the murdered woman, Caren is trying to keep Belle Vie afloat as other properties are being developed around her.  There is also the story of Jason, one of Caren's ancestors, who remains a mystery even today as no one knows where he went or what happened to him. 
Suspense, mystery, history, race, love - all of these are present in Attica Locke's Cutting Season.  As this is my first experience reading Locke's work, I'll be looking forward to reading her previous book, Black Water Rising, soon.

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