Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Salon

This is the type of Sunday I have been in need of.  Unfortunately we have been blanketed by a layer of freezing rain, something I hate. But, the good news is, I truly can't go anywhere today.  (My husband tried making the quick three mile trip into town for coffee and ended up turning around and coming back after he witnessed a truck sliding into the ditch while attempting a right hand turn).  Being hunkered down at home means I can get some reading done. YAY! I also plan on running on the treadmill, but so far the inspiration has not struck. 

And while this day is a great day for being lazy, I feel as though I have earned it since yesterday I had an all day Saturday meeting at school.  I easily had a babysitter lined up, but trying to find people to run my kids to a birthday party and soccer game was tough. My husband is still deep in wrestling season and had another all day tournament.

Luckily everything went well, my girls got where they needed to go and back home, and last night Big Sister, my mom and I went to see Lincoln at the dollar theater.  My husband warned me he heard it was boring, but after having visited Springfield and going on our little Lincoln trip I was looking forward to it.  However, my eyelids got very heavy shortly after the movie started, and I felt myself doze off for a while. Big Sister was none too impressed herself, although she didn't fall asleep like I suggested.  Although very well done, it was not one I will need to see again.

My dad ended up moving into the nursing home on Tuesday.  Despite our worries about his transition, he seems happily oblivious.  Although it is hard for us, we are all happy that he seems to be happy there and so far hasn't even attempted to escape. When my mom visits he doesn't ask about leaving or going home at all.  I took the girls to see him on Friday for the first time and we talked about the fact that he might know them, he might not, it would just depend on the day.  While I know I could see the recognition on his face when we entered, he was not particularly talkative that day and our visit was short. My brother and his family saw him yesterday and stayed an hour, which I suppose just shows that each day is different and we just can't guess what his mood might be.

I'm hoping our lazy Sunday isn't ruined by a power outage.  Our lights have flashed a few times and the freezing rain continues.  We are charging our cell phones and other technology devices since we could be sitting in the dark for a while. There's chicken in the crockpot that I'm looking forward to enjoying later as I spend my day lounging around.

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