Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blast from the Past

These are a few highlights from January 2003.  I would love to re-read the Megan McCafferty series someday. And I am still feeling a bit guilty that I haven't read the entire No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. I think the first two books I read are quite clever, but for some reason the rest just never made it to the top of my TBR pile.  Population 485 was my first experience reading Michael Perry's work. While I didn't love that particular book at the time, this is another title I should re-read. After reading other books by Perry I feel as though I know him and think I could appreciate this book more now.
Deborah Ellis' The Breadwinner book is my go-to book for my fifth grade book clubs. Such an important book!  And Ann M. Martin....there isn't anything she writes that I don't like.  From the BSC to her latest book I picked up at Barnes and Noble yesterday, she is one of my favorite authors of tween realistic fiction.
How about you? What were you reading ten years ago? Last year?

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Love the cover on The Breadwinner. It is fun to look back.