Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Whole Lot of Lucky

A Whole Lot of Lucky is the second book I have read by Danette Haworth, and another book I really enjoyed.  There are so many fantasy novels out there for middle grade readers that sometimes I feel as though it is hard to find great realistic fiction books for the readers that prefer that genre
A Whole Lot of Lucky is a novel I will happily recommend to my middle grade girls. Hailee is embarassed by her dad's job cleaning carpets and her mom's paper route.  She loves her family which also includes her little sister, but they never seem to have enough money.  It's hard for Hailee not to compare herself to her friend Amanda, who got a brand new bike -without it being Christmas or her birthday.
Then Hailee's life changes in the blink of an eye.  Her parents win the lottery and suddenly she is attending a private school and people are anxious to be her friend.  She is finally part of the popular crowd.  Although it looks as though Hailee's life has become the picture perfect version she has alwasy dreamed of.  Except that now she is embarassed by her friend Amanda. And she is so anxious to keep her popular friends that Hailee has a hard time using her best judgement and doing what she knows is right. 
Hailee learns a few lessons in this book about friendship and being true to yourself.  I loved the Florida setting and the fact that Hailee loves reading and refers to the various books she is immersed in.
A Whole Lot of Lucky is a perfect realistic fiction novel for the middle grade reader.