Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving, Part 2

While some people rave about Junie B. Jones, I have always been in the less enthusiastic crowd.  I have a hard time with her incorrect use of the English language - the kiss of death for many of my ELL students. And, Junie is just plain naughty, which usually grates on my nerves after a while. That's not to say I haven't read these books to my girls or pressed them into the hands of many of my readers, but they aren't my personal favorite.
And yet, I was excited to begin reading the newest Junie B book last night. Junie B., First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (And Other Thankful Stuff) is installment number twenty-eight in this series. Junie returns much like the girl I remember, but instead of feeling a bit annoyed by her, I couldn't help but chuckle.  My middle daughter is in third grade and has already edged out of Junie, but my kindergarten daughter is just beginning to know this crazy girl. 
As Junie and her first grade class along with their teacher Mr. Scary list the things they are thankful for, I laughed about the items that made the top of their list.  Exploding biscuits - something we all enjoy eating and making at our house, along with cranberry jelly still in the form of the can is what they are most thankful for. My girls could recognize the ridiculousness of this and list the things on the top of their lists (family, friends, grandparents, cousins).  I could relate as a teacher to poor Mr. Scary who is never quite prepared for the bizarre responses of his students. 
Junie is finding us at a perfect moment and we are counting down to our night-time reading session.  Junie fans, early chapter book readers, and anyone looking for a Thanksgiving story, or a bit of humor will find this to be a great read.

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